Live Action "Maverick Hunter X" Movie Teas...
 By Mac | 04 October 2015 - 08:15 PM

If you've been a part of the overall Mega Man community for the past decade or so, there's always been whispers, rumors, and speculations of how a feature length Mega Man film might be, and should be. While that varies from person to person, I think I speak for all of us when I say we want our beloved franchise done justice.

Over time, there have been several efforts to capture the Blue Bomber on the silver screen, emulating the theatrical magic that many blockbuster movies possess. As a couple of examples, this fan made trailer is an oldie but a goodie, and indie studio, Blue Core Studios, completed a feature-length fan film just three years ago of this post. There have been a few more quality creations since, so feel free to look them up.

Current day, coincidentally not long after word of a Mega Man film in development from 20th Century Fox, a teaser trailer for a Mega Man X film has come to light as seen above. Clearly, the production values are high and it looks like a lot of effort is being taken to maintain a certain level of polish. Thing is, I'm not so sure on the direction it looks to be taking. Judging from the narration and bits of footage, one can only assume that this movie takes place during Sigma's uprising, but who are these humans? Are they human? Where's X, or any other character? Will this be a re-imagining of the series where we view the Maverick uprising from a human's perspective, with Reploid/Human interaction (ala the live action Transformers films)? Your guess is as good as mine. A teaser it is, and teasing it has done.

To learn more about this ambiguous project, head over to their facebook page. We'll be keeping an eye on this!

This Week in the World of Mega Man X Figures
 By Mac | 15 August 2015 - 05:53 AM

Xtra, Xtra, read all about it. New visuals on two Mega Man X related figures/statues have recently come to light. See below for more details!


First on the agenda comes a teaser image form First 4 Figures' Facebook page. Revealed along with two fellow Capcom characters, the image above is clearly a shot of their forthcoming Zero statue. More images and information are sure to come soon, but I'm sure it'll be quite a while before Zero goes into the production phase. Their X statue is still on the way, after all. It looks to have shaped up well though. The pose looks more grounded than X's (in more ways than one) and I'm sure his Z-Saber will illuminate in some way.


Next up is the first look at the packaging for TruForce Collectibles' upcoming Kickstarter funded X figure. Very stylish and collector oriented. Many wished for a viewing window and they did not disappoint. A great way to display, and of course, protect. They've really put together something special. I can't wait to see more. It wont be long now til this bad boy's released!

Dragoon Rises at Wonder Festival 2015
 By Mac | 11 July 2015 - 05:44 PM

Every year we see some spectacular custom creations at Wonder Festival and there's usually a good amount of Mega Man related figures peppering the show floor. Case in point: Sculptor "MADHANDS" has done it again.


Straight from his twitter page, feast your eyes on his freshly made Magma Dragoon figure. No detail has been overlooked. It's a full, physical representation of the memorable defector in all his fiery intensity. If there's any character that's deserved a figure, this guy's one of 'em.

I'm certain there will be more Mega Man figures revealed down the line. Brace yourselves!

"Red Ash" a Legends Successor?
 By Mac | 02 July 2015 - 08:34 PM

The video game industry is very leaky these days, but I think this is more as a teaser...

Originally to be revealed at this year's Anime Expo, this debut video for "Red Ash" (or RE: DASH maybe)  has been released ahead of schedule. The "Mega Man Legends" feel is almost immediately identified. The art style, character designs, and even the music in the video are definitely reminiscent of the series we miss so much. It's safe to say that this could be a spiritual successor, and with a subtitle like "The Indelible Legend" no less.

The project is a combined effort of Keiji Inafune's Comcept and Studio 4°C (a well-versed Japanese animation studio). Could this be a game with animated sequences? Or maybe it's a new anime all together? Full details are sure to come at the Anime Expo panel.

In my opinion, I don't really know how to feel about this. It would appear Inafune is simply creating games that are altered just enough to not infringe on his previous work. Mighty No. 9, Azure Striker Gunvolt, and now Red Ash. Makes me wonder if the next project will be akin to the X series. If it's a game, Red Ash will probably be enjoyable, but I'm sure a lot of people will play it with the sentiment of "Man, I wish this was Mega Man Legends 3." in the back of their minds.

More information as it comes!

UPDATE: Zero Costume Confirmed for Smash Bros.
 By Mac | 13 June 2015 - 07:01 PM


UPDATE: During this mornings Nintendo Direct, everything below was confirmed. Surprise!

Merely a day before the next Super Smash Bros. Nintendo Direct, a plethora of leaks have not leaked, but flooded out into the public. A few months back, some data was mined from the then-latest update for Smash Bros. Amidst the data were files relating to "Ryu" and "Roy". Today it would appear that it was indeed real. Or it's one of the most elaborate fakes I've ever seen. Even more so than the Rayman leak.

While everyone is mulling over the inclusion of Ryu (where's Simon Belmont?!) and Roy (another Fire Emblem rep/Marth clone?!) a couple of Mii Fighter costumes were shown as well. A MegaMan.EXE outfit for the Mii Gunner and X Series Zero duds for the Mii Swordsman. I can understand the Zero suit for the swordsman, but why not make these Mega Man skins for, you know, Mega Man? Makes sense to me.

Oh well, at least we have a boat-load of new content coming in. The fighter ballot is still going on as well. Very glad they're continuing to expand their "Smash" hit!

Mega Man X & X2 the Same Time?!...
 By Mac | 11 May 2015 - 01:28 AM

You read that right. A gamer by the name of Aura Puffs has succeeded in simultaneously beating Mega Man X and Mega Man X2 with a single SNES controller. As you can see in the video, skill and finesse is a key factor in proceeding. Since both games aren't structured identically, progression must be taken in a calculated fashion. What's more, is that Aura obtains all the upgrades in each level in his nearly three hour run. Man, what a task. Worth it? Totally. Major props to this man for his awesome undertaking!

TruForce X Figure Available For Pre-Order
 By Mac | 01 May 2015 - 06:41 AM


It's that time, everyone. If you didn't decide to back the project on Kickstarter, or came a bit tardy to the party, then now's the time to place a pre-order with Big Bad Toystore. The figure is priced at .99; same as the Kickstarter price. I'm positive more retailers will be carrying the figure as well, so keep an eye out.

I've given my impression on TruForce's wonderful X figure before and nothing has changed. It's an awesome figure and as a company, they've hit the ground running. Great work, guys! Can't wait to see what you have in store next!

Lucas Gilbertson Becomes Zero Once More
 By Mac | 08 April 2015 - 02:44 PM

If you're not a fan of Mega Man X4's English dubbing (and are one of the ones that tirelessly has to let the world know it) then Lucas Gilbertson has you covered. Who is Lucas Gilbertson, you might ask? He's only the most prolific English voice for Zero, having voiced the crimson warrior in Mega Man X8, Mega Man X: Command Mission, and Mega Man: Maverick Hunter X.

While some of X4's dubbing was just fine, Zero, one of the main characters no less, seems to suffer from having a lot of the infamous lines. Lucas, however, has given his own unofficial spin on a couple of them. Like his dubbed "Death of Iris" scene uploaded before, he's back with his take on Zero Vs. Colonel.

I have to say, I like it a lot. His first words to Colonel are simply magnificent. Colonel and Iris were decent enough I reckon, but hey, at this rate, Lucas might just finish dubbing all of Zero's lines from X4! Keyword is maybe though, because to my knowledge, Lucas has put voice acting on the back burner for a while in favor of other passions. Never fear though, Lucas always has a special place for Zero and the Mega Man X series alike (you may even bump into him around the forums from time to time!)

X & Proto Man Join Mii Costumes!...
 By Mac | 01 April 2015 - 11:40 PM

Revealed on today's Nintendo Direct, Mega Man X and Proto Man outfits are coming to Smash Bros. for the Mii Gunner. While the title of this article may seem sarcastic, I actually think this is pretty neat. Although I probably would have preferred alternate costumes for Mega Man himself, but this will do. They certainly don't look bad.

Furthermore, we got our first real trailer for Mewtwo as well as a surprise reveal that Earthbound's Ness will be making his return! I'm sure a lot of people are pleased. If you're not pleased, however, Nintendo has now opened up a, wait for it.....Smash Bros Fighter Ballot! That's right, your voice can now be heard on which beloved characters you think would be right at home on the roster. You may cast a vote for as many characters as you wish. Personally, I voted for King K. Rool and Geno; two very deserving characters.

Follow this link to cast your vote!:

Fresh Paint for TruForce's X Figure
 By Mac | 27 March 2015 - 07:22 AM


Well color me impressed! Another day, another X figure with a vibrant paint job. TruForce's successfully funded X figure has only been seen in a plain, gray prototype form up 'til now. Teased briefly on TruForce's facebook page, the website Figsoku has let the cat completely out of the bag with a plethora of painted, posed pics (man, say that five times fast.)

Do note that the colors have not been finalized, but I'm liking what I'm seeing. It's coming along nicely, but there's sure to be some changes along the way. This figure is being produced with a passion, so when it's finished, I'm sure it'll make quite the statement as TrueForce's first true figure!

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