Mega Man X Prototype Cart Hits eBay
 By Mac | 23 February 2015 - 08:53 AM


Over the last couple decades, plenty of Mega Man prototypes have been unearthed and dissected. Within may lie many secrets, including unused assets or completely different or omitted stages. The same can be said for this recent eBay listing for a prototype cartridge of the original Mega Man X.

It's unknown what exactly this cart holds outside of a warning message the seller shares. It's certainly unique and the bidding battle has already commenced. I wish I could afford it but the price is sure to rise. I'd also be doing the Mega Man community a disservice because I'm without any equipment to dump the contents.

Hopefully the winner is fully prepared to share! I, like many others, hope this is an early build with the "White City" stage in playable form!

Custom Mega Man X amiibo Joins the Battle!
 By Mac | 19 February 2015 - 05:55 PM


It was obvious that the beautiful Mega Man amiibo was going to be the base for many a custom figure, but this mod takes it one step further. ASoltys Art Creations has created none other than Mega Man X. With a little "plastic surgery", his stance has been altered and his height raised maybe a little bit, through the sculpting of a new chest and shoulder plates. Among other little edits, this is a truly wonderful mod. Kinda makes me want Be sure to check out more custom amiibos at

New Mega Man X Figure Stands Tall
 By Mac | 08 February 2015 - 05:43 AM


Be still, my heart. This weekend a new, official Mega Man X figure was unveiled at this year's Wonder Festival. Created by X-Plus Toys, they took to Twitter with a couple images of the prototype product. Standing at around 15 inches, X's height will be appropriate next to his older sibling, Mega Man, who stands at 13 inches.

If Mega Man is any indication, or any of the other figures in their "Gigantic" line, these figures are of high quality and artistically accurate. Having a lightweight plastic build (most likely with a soft feel of vinyl) they're sure to be sturdy and ever-so-displayable. No word yet on price, but X is slated for shelves sometime in May. This is probably an insta-buy for me.

TruForce X Figure Kickstarter is Live!
 By Mac | 22 January 2015 - 02:54 AM

At last, the Kickstarter for TruForce's special Mega Man X figure has gone live. As promised, with the help from you, they will set out to create one of the best, most unique Mega Man X figures to grace your collection! Observe their well made pitch video above and proceed to make your donation. There are several pledge levels to choose from, so there's a medium of contribution for every budget. If you've got some extra cash to spend, then you might consider generously pledging at their highest levels to receive, above all else, a Kickstarter exclusive "Test-Color X" variant. Pretty snazzy, I must admit, but whether it's my poverty talking or not, I'm still leaning towards the traditional blue.

In case you're curious about the Kickstarter, TruForce explains,

"Once the painted prototype has been approved, there’s the whole production part that takes up most of the budget: mold creation, material injection, paint, assembly, packaging and shipping. That’s the expensive stuff. But with your help, we can cover all this! Plus you get those cool backer rewards depending on your contribution.
Since we're still in the initial phase of production, there's a lot left to do on this guy. We decided to use the money raised from this kickstarter to help cover licensing costs, event promotion costs and production costs."

So there you have it, folks. In the spirit of what stands for, let's show our support and bring this iteration of X to life!

I Like This Figure Quite a Bit
 By Mac | 17 January 2015 - 07:59 PM


If there's any series that has a reputation for incredible custom figures, it would be the Mega Man series. Over the years we've witnessed many wonderful custom creations displayed at events such as Wonder Festival. What's nice about a lot of these figures is that talented sculptors/artists choose lesser known characters in which to bring to life; something many avid fans appreciate.

This time, designer, "Madhands" went to work and constructed a truly badass Bit figure. From Bit's ornate shield, to his trusty beam saber, the detail is expressed with gusto. With no "magatama" stone left unturned, Bit is ready to debut and be sold at Hobby Rock 2015. Be sure to click the link to see more shots of Bit, as well as explore what more will be at this years show!

Zero Shows His Soft Side
 By Mac | 13 January 2015 - 04:50 AM


You knew it was comin'! After GE Entertainment revealed their Mega Man X plush (now hitting retail), it was only a matter of time before it was Zero's turn to get the same treatment. Just look at that scowl. How can something so cute be so moody?

Standing upright at around 8", he will be a decent little plush; uniform with the rest of their cuddly collection. No price has been set for Zero, but I'm sure it'll be the same as the rest. (around 15 bucks)

I wonder if Axl will be next? Can't say I'd be opposed to a menacing little mini-Siggy either. Such a soft, round, bald head he would have!

Capcom Releases Free-To-Play Mega Man GoGo
 By Vérité | 07 January 2015 - 07:29 PM

As someone in our forum stated rather bluntly, "Please don't tell me this is what they were teasing us with."

An exclusive to South Korea, Mega Man GoGo has appeared in the Google Play Store. This is legit, this is a game produced by Capcom, it looks like. With micro-transactions involving cards and infinite running, you might as well call this a "Temple Run" with assets taken directly from Megaman Powered up.


Not sure what to make of this. But if this is it then I really hope Capcom was teasing a new Ace Attorney instead of this. 

Capcom Teases Potential New Mega Man Game
 By Vérité | 04 January 2015 - 06:00 PM

In a recent interview, producer Hiroyuki Kobayashi teased watchers with some news about an upcoming game for a series "we've all been waiting for." 


“Since releasing Sengoku Basara 4 on January 23, a year has already gone by in a flash. In November, we released a nostalgic title in HD with Resident Evil HD Remaster, and I still have fond memories from when we released it, and I also feel that the game itself is one of high quality.

In July of 2015, it will be Sengoku Basara‘s 10th anniversary, so I believe there will be plenty to be excited about. Also, in 2015 we’ll also have Devil May Cry 4: Special Edition, and the newest title from a series you guys have been waiting for, and [even] more titles to be announced that we hope you’ll enjoy.”—Hiroyuki Kobayashi


This could mean that Capcom is finally entering the fray against Keiji Inafune and releasing an actual Mega Man Sequel, which regardless would be a huge step in our direction. As much as I like Mighty No. 9, I still want my Mega Man sequel before I want a reimagined series. I don't know of any other series that needs this treatment under Capcom's IP list. 

Mod Equips Mega Man X With CD Quality Music
 By Mac | 02 January 2015 - 10:00 AM

Protodude reports some interesting news. With the use of an aftermarket SNES expansion chip known as the MSU-1 chip by "byuu", CD quality audio playback is now a possibility; natively. Pretty ambitious thought, huh? But it's true, and proven when modders recently added high quality audio and, wait for it...full motion video to The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past. Check out the video above to see how the chip works its magic with the original Mega Man X.

Uploader Paulie Retro had this to say,

"Recently a CD quality music patch/mod was released on Credit for this hack goes to Michaël Larouche AKA DarkShock - Programming/hacking, and TheRetromancer - Music programming, minor cleanup. If you have either a particular emulator or an SD2SNES flash cart, you can play Mega Man X with nearly all of the background music replaced by CD quality audio tracks. While there is definitely charm in the original Mega Man X, with it being some of the greatest video game music ever, there is something cool about playing the game with music recorded by an actual band covering the soundtrack.
I'm sure many who don't have the capability of doing this are curious as to how it sounds while playing, so I've created this video. It gives you a small bit of most pieces of music in the game, including the title screen, intro level, stage select screen, password screen, boss select screen, as well as the first 30 seconds of each Maverick's stage. In this video I"m playing this directly on my SNES with my SD2SNES flash cart."

If you're interested in applying this patch yourself, please see the full rundown here. Pretty cool! I can only imagine the possibilities.

TruForce Mega Man X Figure Teased
 By Mac | 30 December 2014 - 01:18 AM


(click for larger image)

Looks like First4Figures weren't the only ones with a special Mega Man related holiday tease up their sleeves! As a "late Christmas present" via the TruForce facebook page, we are presented with the proposed look for the final "Mizuno" Mega Man X figure you'll be able to purchase during their upcoming Kickstarter campaign. They are a breakout company, and what a beautiful way to begin. I, for one, approve of this look! Remember, it's going to have all the bells and whistles such as radiant LEDs, a quality diecast build, and lots of articulation.

What say you? Don't forget to check out TruForce's Facebook and Twitter pages!

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