A Decade Without an X9
 By Mac | 08 December 2014 - 05:30 AM

What next, indeed. I remember creating that promotional video a few years back. While a nod to the impending site revamp at the time, it was moreso in reference to the pending continuation of the Mega Man X series after the intriguing, yet ambiguous ending of Mega Man X8.

          It has officially been ten whole years since that eighth saga has concluded; since we've had the pleasure of enjoying another adventure in the year of 21XX. The Mega Man X series has joined the club alongside Mega Man Legends at this point. Personally, I find this unacceptable. Over the years, Capcom has been asked on multiple occasions about another X series installment, consult our "Articles" section for a selection of instances. We have been assured that "top men" are cultivating ideas, but nothing fresh has grown from those pastures. What sort of fertilizer to we have to utilize?

          I honestly haven't the foggiest. I suppose we could pray. Or maybe we can recite a special incantation when the stars align. Who knows? After the monumental disappointment and borderline betrayal that was the end of Legends 3, I've had a lapse in confidence. Sure, a light of hope still burns inside, but man is it flickering. Even Rockman Online and Maverick Hunter were cancelled, good, bad, or indifferent. One can only hope so much before the reasons to hope become moot.

          On the other hand, Mega Man in general has seen a lot of attention in the merchandise department and while that's not a game, it's something. It's attention; good PR. Mega Man in Smash Bros. along with his upcoming amiibo is probably a highlight in recent times. His "Final Smash" is the very definition of fanservice. It's lovely seeing X and co. in wonderful high resolution. Don't you think the resounding reaction from fans the world over is reason enough to capitalize on that fanfare? I should say so, but it just doesn't seem like Capcom is listening.

          Current day, we still lie in wait for when we can once again experience a new Mega Man X game. At its core, it's a simple desire, but it's a feeling that I miss dearly. It's a special moment for many people. They're known as fans, tried and true blue. In the decade-long interm, we've seen spectacular works from the minds of fans. On our forums and across the web, they've created their own wonderful ideas and concepts for a hypothetical Mega Man X9. They've speculated what an X9 will entail, composed music, created artwork, animated videos, you name it. In summation, I believe it's quite clear that the passion hasn't waned a bit.


C'mon, Capcom, time to get serious. It's not over yet!


First4Figures Reveals Upcoming X Statue
 By Mac | 05 December 2014 - 07:52 PM


Wow, this sure came out of left field! First4Figures, the people behind a plethora of high quality, top notch video game statues, some you probably recognize, have just teased a single image of a Mega Man X statue. This comes even before the finalization and release of their other Mega Man statues they're working on. Per First4Figure's fashion, this statue will be one that'll sport LEDs illuminating key parts. In X's case, the X-Buster's barrel and his "forehead crystal" will be glowing a warm, reddish orange. The sculpt looks great, but I am definitely hoping they amend the neck color to the proper gray hue. Same with their Classic Mega Man statue.

Along with the image above was a simple message letting people know that pre-orders go live on 9th Dec 2014 only at First4Figures.com. Once the product page is published, there will be numerous images within. As with similar statues, I estimate the price being within the 200-250 window. A pretty penny, but you definitely get something pretty in return!

Mega Man X - Now in Plush Form!
 By Mac | 26 November 2014 - 06:35 PM


Now would you look at how adorable that is. Sure, it's another Mega Man plush, but what's special about this one is that it's Mega Man X. He has never before been immortalized in a plush product, so GE Entertainment has broke new ground with this one! He's going to be around the same size as their previous plushies, standing at roughly seven inches. What's unknown at this time is the release date and price, but it'll probably be around twelve to fifteen bucks like the rest (sans Rush). Pretty cool, huh? I've actually yet to pic up any of the others, but I think they got me with 'ol X here.

True Blue Mega Man amiibo Revealed!
 By Mac | 11 November 2014 - 05:28 AM


At last, the moment we've been waiting for! The Mega Man amiibo has finally be revealed by Nintendo of Japan's new amiibo centric website! Mega Man will be featured in the 3rd Wave of amiibo figures slated for release in February, 2015 in America, Europe, and Asia. I think it looks pretty damn good. Great coloration and gloss on the metallic parts. Definitely picking one up, without a doubt. Be sure to check the site for all the other new amiibo reveals!

Rockman: Sounds of Future Past
 By Mac | 28 October 2014 - 07:41 PM



If you're like me, then you like, no, love the music found in the Mega Man franchise. Especially the timeless tunes found in the X Series. Luckily, the franchise is no stranger to numerous fan tribute and official arrangement albums.

There are two new albums set to reach listeners come the new year. The first is Rockman Utopia, featuring what is desribed as "light, techno pop" remixes of Classic tunes, is set to drop January 14th. The second, to be released February 11th, is Rockman Dystopia, a collection of "tragic hardcore techno" X tracks. Both will contain a single disc and are priced at 3,300 Yen, which equates to about . Initial prints will feature a special paper craft graphic of classic Rockman for Utopia and our boy X for Dystopia.

Coming from the same group, Basiscape, that brought us the 25th Anniversary Techo and Rock albums, the quality and style of these new soundtracks are sure to be top notch. My ears are eager to hear their new work. Hopefully there will be some new twists on some lesser covered songs! 

Mega Man X Brought to Life Through Chalk!
 By Mac | 15 October 2014 - 04:09 AM

Mind-bending chalk art illusions have been a consistently impressive form of art found on sidewalks and other such flat canvases. The individuals who create such works of art are extremely talented and masters of perspective. This one is certainly no exception. A beautifully chalked and colored Mega Man X is brought to life through artist Chris' skill. Good stuff! Be sure to check out his other videos for more awe-inspiring creations!

"Mizuno Mega Man X" Figure a Reality
 By Mac | 09 October 2014 - 08:54 PM



Remember back in April on that day of Fools? An amazing Mega Man X figure was teased in the form of a piece of artwork by Keisuke Mizuno. With it was a spec sheet detailing the figure, but something seemed fishy. Some of the specifications were a bit farfetched. It turned out to be nothing but an elaborate April Fools day ruse...or was it?

According to Protodude's Rockman Corner, that very figure is actually happening. It's going to be a real, tangible thing, and I am not displeased. You may remember back in June where Protodude was polling the opinions of the people towards an unprecedented new Mega Man X figure. Well, wouldn't you know? Through the voice of the masses, the figure we once thought was a farce; a chuckle in the offices of Capcom, was set in motion.

I was salivating over the gorgeous artwork in all its technological splendor, but now we have physical prototype builds of the figure that look outstanding (I can't wait to see it color!) Furthermore, we have an accurate spec sheet this time!

  • 15cm in height, about the same as the D-Arts/Figuarts Mega Man figures.
  • Diecast armor on the chest, shins, and feet.
  • 20 points of articulation.
  • LED functional X-Buster that can be attached to either arm.
  • 2 additional sets of hands in a fist and splayed formation.
  • Extra "shouting" faceplate.
  • Opened and closed swappable back thrusters.
  • Attachable blast effect accessory for the X-Buster.
  • Tentative March/April 2015 release.
  • Produced by TruForce Collectables.
  • Bluefin distributing in North America.
  • Colored prototype will be on display in February at the New York Toy Fare.
  • Price is TBA.

Yes, yes, I know. Some of you may be bellyaching that it's just another figure and I get you, but this seems to be a larger project than what we've received before and it shouldn't be dismissed so easily. The extra mile seems to be the route taken.

Like many projects these days, there will be a Kickstarter forthcoming in which to fund the figure's production. As one would expect, there will be exclusive backer rewards. Keep an eye on TruForce's Facebook or Twitter for updates on the matter, and of course, check back here or at Protodude's for the full scoop!

Mega Man X5 Now on NA PlayStation Store
 By Mac | 09 September 2014 - 11:20 PM


After Mega Man X4 released just six days ago on the North American PSN, it's Mega Man X5's turn in the spotlight! You can download it for the same 5.99 price tag as its predecessor for play on your PS3 and Vita all the same. I saw some images across the net of X4 running on the Vita and it looks delightful. Fits like a glove! I'm sure X5 will follow suit. As for X6, it's still waiting for its time to shine. I'm sure it's only a matter of time, but there's also legal and licensing hurdles to jump over before older titles can re-emerge. I'm sure the Japanese opening and ending themes are part of the obstacle course.

Ehh, what are ya gonna do? Well, enjoy rediscovering X4 and X5, guys! For those that have never played them; get to it!

The Final Round of the Sigma Body Contest Begins
 By Sigma | 29 August 2014 - 08:39 AM


Eihingaurde SigmaAnima SigmaEmperor SigmaRanger Sigma

(click each name for full-size artwork of each combatant)

Some thought it would never come. Some believed all was lost. They should have known never to doubt me because clearly, they were mistaken. The end is finally upon us. The ultimate, decisive clash between the top four victorious bodies begins this instant. A lot of time has passed since the previous round of the contest, but I wasn't about to let it slide. A king must be crowned! Or maybe an Emperor? Heh heh heh...the choice is yours, my little human helpers. It always has been, and you've come this far! Don't let me down now.


This will be a four way match. Each person is to submit (1) vote for their body of choice. You may share this contest socially for others to cast a vote. No cheating or boosting of votes will be tolerated(but I do appreciate the mischevious thought)! This final round of my body contest will proceed with a duration of (2) weeks (depending on feedback, this number may increase). Lastly, please enjoy this as much as I am!

"Give me a good fight, like you always do!"

Mega Man X3 Now on Wii U Virtual Console!
 By Mac | 29 August 2014 - 03:07 AM

The day has finally arrived! Mega Man X3 is now on Nintendo's Wii U Virtual Console. For many a moon, fans have longed for likes of X3 and Mega Man 7 (a later release) for digital download. Seeing is how those two games are coveted cartridges, availability is likely a reason. That and the fact that they're exquisite gems that shouldn't be overlooked. So boot up the shop and commence purchase! It'll run you .99 and is worth every penny, if you ask me. If you haven't experienced X3 before then it's a must.

Thus concludes "Mega August". More Mega Man titles will be made available on Virtual Console soon (and PSN!)

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